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"On behalf of our church doing the Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (P.A.C.K.®) ministry, I want to thank the Acts 1:8 Foundation® for their support to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts." - Darris - West Monroe, LA

"For our Planned Act of Christian Kindness, our church had a "Free For All" event. It was like a reverse yard sale where everything was free. We also offered hot dogs and soda, and gave away CDs. People were overwhelmed and could not believe that we were giving everything away from clothes and toys to home decor for absolutely no charge. We told them, "Freely we have been given, so freely we must give." We shared testimonies of how God provided for our needs and thus his love lead us to return that goodness. It was an awesome day." - Misty - Tennessee

"We did free gift wrapping for Christmas gifts as our Planned Act of Christian Kindness. It was a great success. Shoppers were delighted to get that kind of free service. They said it was, "Incredible and unbelievable!". Many people showed a keen interest in our church as a result." - Rolly - Brooklyn, NY

   "Our church is so excited about P.A.C.K. and this could not have come at a better time. Our first event was free carnations and we touched about 250 people in around 1.5 hours." - Deby - Chambersburg, PA 

 "Ill never forget...I was standing in front of an inner city grocery store, handing out bags of bread and soup, when a small man came running out of the store right into our group that was doing the P.A.C.K. event. He was out of breath and could barely speak English. He told us that he was from Honduras and that he had no job and no money. He went into the store to steal some food, but "something" came over him and he panicked, ran out of the store and right into our arms. We all truly saw and felt God's loving hands at work that day."  - Lee - Green Bay, WI

 "Thank you for your support from the Acts 1:8 Foundation to purchase water towers in Uganda. We are meeting the physical needs of these children and sharing the Gospel through Planned Acts of Christian Kindness." - Rev. Celestine - Uganda

"I gave out some of my clothes as a Planned Act of Christian Kindness to a man who works for me at times. One day, he told me that he had given his life to Christ because of this Planned Act of Christian Kindness." - Samuel - Kenya

 "Our church gave away food for our Planned Act of Christian Kindness. After the P.A.C.K. event, over 300 people were baptized and came to know Christ as their Savior." - Pastor Karthikeyan - India

"We have been greatly helped by your ideas and can't wait to get out there to our next P.A.C.K. event. God bless you for your heart, for your souls and the inspiration you share with other believers." - Ron - Gulfport, MS

"I am very enthusiastic in supporting Acts 1:8 Ministry®. At the heart of this program is a love for people and to bring all people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through acts of Christian Kindness." - Dwayne - North Wisconsin District of the LCMS

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