Meet Our Speaker: Lee Larsen

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Lee is a passionate Christian, who is motivated to train others to share their faith in a simple way: through kindness.

I grew up in a small middle class family in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Looking back, I am so thankful that my mom brought us to church. Unfortunately, I didn’t grasp on to the Biblical teachings during my youth. The worldly views made more sense to me and God became just something way off in the distance.

My dad passed away on my 21st birthday. My efforts to resuscitate him failed. He was only 51 years old. I didn’t know it at the time, but this experience would cause me to suffer years of health issues, which included panic attacks. Many nights I would wake up to a rapid heartbeat, chills and pains in my neck. One night, I was pushed to my wit's end and could no longer fight this on my own. I turned to the Lord and said, “I give up. Either take me or take this from me. My life is yours, Lord. I can’t fight this any longer.” It was then that my burdens were lifted; my pains were gone and have not returned since.

As a result, I dedicated my life to the Lord. The power of the Holy Spirit fell upon me that night and through that miracle I knew that God was real and that I was His forever!

I have been doing Christian Kindness events for over 14 years with my church and have witnessed the awesome power of the Holy Spirit at each event. It has changed my life, my family's life, my church and our community. In 2013, I joined the team at Acts 1:8 Ministry® as the Ministry Coordinator. I train others how to share their faith through Christian Kindness and support them through their outreach efforts. I love sharing my stories and encouraging others to do Christian Kindness because it changes lives, literally forever!

The most powerful influence of my faith's strength is seeing and feeling God’s presence through Christian Kindness. This has been revealed through the powerful testimonies from the people I have reached out to and the unbelievable timing at which it all unfolds!

Lee Larsen and Acts 1:8 Ministry's Christian Kindness Program have been featured on WFRV's Local 5 Live with Lisa Malek and Justin Steinbrink, WLUK's In Focus with Robert Hornacek, NBC26 Cares with Stacey Engebretson, and WBAY's Noon Show with Kevin Rompa.