P.A.C.K. Ideas for Individuals

These ideas are great for individuals wanting to evangelize. Please feel free to come up with your own ideas too!

  1. Leave $10 (or a different amount of money) at a gas pump.
  2. Invite someone over for dinner.
  3. Leave a clean diaper on a public changing table.
  4. Bring a stuffed animal to the pediatric ward of a hospital.
  5. Bring in your neighbor's garbage cans for them on garbage day.
  6. Babysit for a single parent.
  7. Bring donuts, bagels or muffins to a police station, fire station or construction site in your community.
  8. Make a "blessing bag" filled with toiletry essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, socks, etc.) and give it to someone in need.
  9. Tape a clear bag containing a small amount of money on a vending machine.
  10. Buy a cup of coffee or a treat for the person behind you in line.
  11. Return someone's shopping cart for them.
  12. Purchase an extra umbrella and give it to someone on a rainy day (Tip: Bus stops are a great place to do this!)
  13. Leave a copy of a good book in a coffee shop for someone else to enjoy.
  14. Tip your restaurant waiter/waitress generously.
  15. Visit a nurse home and spend time with the residents by playing cards, painting fingernails, etc.
  16. Reach out to a prisoner by writing them a letter.
  17. Give a gift card or small treat to your fast food drive-thru cashier or bank teller.
  18. Leave a few quarters by the gumball machines at a shopping mall.
  19. Make or buy a meal for a homeless person.
  20. Give away packs of chewing gum to people you encounter throughout your day.
  21. Do something special for your neighbor - mow their lawn, sweep their porch, shovel their driveway or bring them an unexpected treat.
  22. Pay for the car behind you when you drive through a toll.
  23. Drop off a newborn baby outfit at the NICU or newborn ward of a hospital.
  24. Adopt a US Soldier - write them letters and send care packages.
  25. If you are a business owner, bless your customers by randomly giving away a free good or service.

Ensure that God's love is being passed on!

P.A.C.K. Ideas for Groups

These ideas are great for groups (i.e. Bible Study Groups, Missions Teams, Seniors Groups, Church Outreach Groups, Youth Groups, etc.) wanting to enhance or create an evangelism program. Please feel free to come up with your own ideas too!

House to House

  1. Flower Giveaway
  2. Fireplace Ash Removal
  3. Flower Seed Packets Giveaway
  4. Food Delivery to Shut-Ins
  5. Shopping Assistance for Shut-Ins
  6. Make Hospital Visits
  7. Fresh Fruit Giveaway
  8. Baked Goods Giveaway
  9. Return Garbage Cans to Houses on garbage day
  10. General Interior Cleaning
  11. Kitchen Cleaning
  12. General Yard Cleanup
  13. Grass Edging
  14. Lawn Mowing
  15. Leaf Raking
  16. Weed Spraying
  17. Tree Trimming
  18. Light Bulb Replacement
  19. Minor House Repairs
  20. Potted Plants Giveaway
  21. Rain Gutter Cleaning
  22. Window Cleaning
  23. Blacktop Driveway Sealing
  24. Sidewalk Sweeping
  25. Snow Removal from Sidewalks & Driveways
  26. Sunday Morning Paper and Coffee Giveaway
  27. Tulip Bulbs Giveaway

Helping those in need

  1. Gather and Giveaway Food
  2. Clothing Giveaway
  3. Medical Items Giveaway
  4. Toiletry Supplies Giveaway
  5. Bottled Water Giveaway
  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  7. Donate food to a soup kitchen or food pantry
  8. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  9. Donate toys to a homeless shelter
  10. Donate books or art supplies to a homeless shelter or to a low-income school
  11. Tutor homeless children at a shelter or school with low-income students
  12. Volunteer at a battered women's shelter
  13. Cook a meal for a family in need
  14. Babysit for a family in need
  15. Give away granola bars to the homeless

College Campus

  1. Bike Fix-Up
  2. Breakfast or Pop Tarts Giveaway
  3. Send Care Packages to Students
  4. Coffee/Tea Giveaway during Late Night Study Sessions
  5. Dorm Room Cleaning
  6. Soft Drinks Giveaway at Intramural Athletic Events
  7. Gum and Blow Pops Giveaway
  8. Ice Cream Coupons Giveaway
  9. Pen, Pencil and other School Supplies Giveaway
  10. Long Distance Phone Cards Giveaway
  11. Pizza Giveaway on Move-In Day at Dorms
  12. Post Cards and Stamps Giveaway
  13. Snacks Giveaway
  14. Soft Drinks, Gatorade and Lemonade Giveaway at Orientation
  15. Trash Pick-Up near Campus
  16. Free Tutoring Sessions
  17. Send Care Packages during Finals Week
  18. Clean up after a Sporting Event
  19. Free Car Washes
  20. Peanuts/Popcorn Giveaway at Events
  21. Greet Students/Parents and help Freshmen move in
  22. Offer Free Tutoring
  23. Giveaway Snacks at Sports Practices

Downtown & Shopping Malls

  1. Business Window Washing
  2. Cookie Giveaway
  3. Feed Parking Meters with change
  4. Soft Drink Giveaway to Employees & Shoppers
  5. Stamps Giveaway in front of Post Office
  6. Umbrella Escorts when it is raining
  7. Windshield Washing
  8. Coffee/Hot Chocolate Giveaway
  9. Ice Cream Coupons Giveaway
  10. Purchase Meals at the Mall Food Court
  11. Leave Quarters in Coin Returns


  1. Bottled Water Giveaway
  2. Soft Drink Giveaway
  3. Dog Treats Giveaway
  4. Dog Wash
  5. Dog Park Cleanup
  6. Face Painting
  7. Flower Seed Packets Giveaway
  8. Gatorade Giveaway at Biking/Walking Trails
  9. Balloons Giveaway for Kids
  10. Hot Dog/Hamburger Giveaway
  11. Ice Cream Giveaway
  12. Host a Picnic
  13. Lead Games in a Park


  1. Bottled Water Giveaway
  2. Coffee Giveaway
  3. Freshen-Up Packs Giveaway (Mints & Towelettes/Wet Wipes)
  4. Glow-in-the-Dark Necklace Giveaway
  5. Peanuts, Popcorn or Popsicles Giveaway
  6. Soft Drink Giveaway
  7. Sunglasses (cheap ones!) Giveaway
  8. Trash Pick-Up
  9. Car Windshield Washing

Holiday & Season Themed

  1. Valentine's Day: Candy Giveaway
  2. Valentine's Day: Roses Giveaway
  3. St. Patrick’s Day: Green Foiled Candy Giveaway
  4. Easter: Mini Easter Baskets Giveaway
  5. Easter: Candy Giveaway
  6. Spring: Flower Seed Packets Giveaway
  7. Mother's Day: Carnations Giveaway
  8. Fall: Leaf Raking
  9. Back to School Season: School Supplies Giveaway
  10. Halloween: Reverse Trick-or-Treat (Go house to house and give out candy)
  11. Thanksgiving: Door-to-Door Turkey Giveaway
  12. Christmas: Caroling and Candy Canes Giveaway
  13. Christmas: Door-to-Door Poinsettias Giveaway
  14. Christmas: Gift Wrapping at Mall
  15. Christmas: Scotch Tape Giveaway
  16. Christmas: Christmas Tree Giveaway
  17. Christmas: Adopt a Family - give them presents and/or a Christmas meal
  18. Winter: Snow Shoveling & Desalting
  19. Winter: Winter Survival Kit Giveaway

Be trained to put these ideas into practice!