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For a limited time, The Ruud Foundation of Racine, Wisconsin will double your impact by matching your gifts of $500 - $5,000 in full!

Provides our P.A.C.K. Resources for 1 Person
I was impacted by P.A.C.K. shortly after my husband died and was overwhelmed with grief. The person talked to me and prayed for me. It touched my life so much.
— Jean, Wisconsin
Provides our P.A.C.K. Resources for 1 Church
P.A.C.K. has been awesome for our church and has created a new mindset for us. We never dreamed this would go as far as it has in touching lives.
— Russell, Rhode Island
Funds our P.A.C.K. a Day Outreach Resource
While doing P.A.C.K., I engaged in talking about Jesus’ love with someone and he decided to join our church and received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior!
— Bernard, Tanzania

Double your impact with gifts of $500 - $5,000!
The Ruud Foundation is excited to partner with Acts 1:8 Ministry to impact lives worldwide with the Gospel by matching your gift of $500 to $5,000.
— Chris Ruud, President of The Ruud Foundation
Provides Training & Support for 1 Church
Our church is so grateful to Acts 1:8 Ministry for providing the free resources, training and support to help us reach more lives in our community through P.A.C.K. outreach!
— Jill, Wisconsin
Give whatever amount you would like!
Thanks to P.A.C.K. Events, our small hall can no longer contain our congregation because new people are being added to our church on a daily basis!
— Rev. Fidel, Nigeria Africa

Build a Water Well...
Provide Safe & Clean Water
You have saved us from the burden of walking long distances and we pray that God may enable you to do this work continuously. God bless you!
— Serina, Uganda Africa
Impact future generations...
Leave a Legacy
Like you, I care about this ministry and the impact it makes on lives in the future. Because of this, I have chosen to leave part of my estate to the Acts 1:8 Foundation.
— Gregg, Wisconsin
Share God's blessings and resources
We are so grateful and blessed to be able to give back to our local community through your donations. Thank you!
— Jeff Van Beaver, President & Founder of Acts 1:8 Ministry
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At Acts 1:8 Ministry, we take your trust in our ministry very seriously. We know how valuable your confidence is...without it, our mission of caring, sharing and connecting people to Christ worldwide cannot be fulfilled.

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