Share Your Faith Easily.

The free P.A.C.K. Cards are a key tool because they provide easy opportunities to share God's love. The cards break the ice with recipients and eliminate fear associated with evangelism. For the recipient, the P.A.C.K. Card creates a "God just showed up in my life" moment and allows them to reflect on the experience later.

Card #1 (English)

Card #3 (English)

Card #5
(English + Customized)

Card #2 (English)

Card #4 (Spanish)

Card #6
(Spanish + Customized)


Quick Tips

#1: Be prepared

Keep a few cards in your wallet or purse for spontaneous outreach opportunities.

#2: Share God

The cards can be left behind if you don't talk to the recipients of your Christian Kindness.

For example, if you leave flowers on someone's car, place a Christian Kindness Card on their car windshield to ensure that God's love is being passed on.