The Rest is "His Story"

By: Lee Larsen

In the age we live in, our imagination seems to actually come to life because of modern science and technology. This is great from an entertainment perspective. But, what it has also done is to blur the line between fact and fiction. Fantasy or “virtual reality” is a powerful tool that can bring amazing mind-stimulating experiences. Of course the devil loves using that tool as well, only to our demise. Because of this, many view the Holy Bible as just a collection of old fictional stories rather than the actual inspired words of God.

Science claims more and more to have things all figured out or at least enough of it to know that there is no God, the creator of all things. It is our nature to seek our own answers and come to our own conclusions, but unfortunately we are heavily influenced by our sinful desires. When you combine the teachings of the science world and the virtual reality that we are visually bombarded with, God becomes another comic super hero that cannot even compete with today's virtual high-tech super heroes.

God is real. There are world-renowned and well-respected people that support this fact, but many don't allow it to be taught, at least as one possibility, in our public schools.  As a result, we are moving farther and farther away from God.

It is only in Him that we can be filled with a feeling of completeness. It is only in Him that we can be renewed, restored, and be set on a new life course that will bring us home to Him for eternity.

It is critical that we remain grounded in the Lord, because He is the rock that never moves and never changes. He is the one that loves us so much that thousands of years ago, He sent us His Son to bring a taste of Heaven to us on earth - a reminder that His Word is indeed the truth and is even more real than the very ground we walk on.

Through Christian Kindness, we can show others a little taste of what God’s love and grace is like. Through Jesus, our sins have already been hauled away at no cost to us. Through Jesus, we can rejoice that as long as we remain in Him we too will have eternal life with the Father in Heaven. Isn't it a comfort to know that while the world spins madly around us that rest is "His Story"?

Lee Larsen is the Ministry Coordinator at Acts 1:8 Ministry®. Lee's strongest and most personal blessing comes from the many “God Moments” that are created through Acts 1:8 Ministry's Christian Kindness outreach; a vivid reminder that our Lord and Savior is right beside us. Learn more about Christian Kindness.