I Come to the Garden Alone

By: Jim Klein

As we approach Easter Sunday, a favorite song runs through the cobwebs of my brain called “In the Garden” written by C. Austin Miles in 1912. Many people recognize the song by the first line, “I come to the garden alone”. This beautiful song tells the story of Jesus visiting with Mary Magdalene in the garden outside of the empty tomb on that first Easter (resurrection) morning. As I sing the song, I feel the dew on the roses and hear the sweet songs of birds and the quiet wisp of clothing as I walk with Jesus through that garden. I can almost feel the moment and the closeness of His body and breath. I feel an intimacy that one only feels with a spouse or close friend. It’s personal and safe. Can you feel it too?

This song was written in a cold, dreary and leaky basement in New Jersey that didn’t even have a window, let alone a garden. We can compare our sinful lives to that basement – dark, cold and dreary without the view of a beautiful garden or even sunlight. And yet, in the midst of this, the songwriter looked at a few verses in John 15 and wrote this beautiful song.

What a comfort it is that Jesus conquered sin, death and the devil! This assures all believers of the joy of eternal life in heaven with Him. But, what if people don’t know the story? What if no one tells them? What if all they know is loneliness and darkness? What can we do?

Acts 1:8 Ministry trains Christians to evangelize through kindness. We help individuals and Churches reach their neighborhoods through Planned Acts of Christian Kindness® (P.A.C.K.®) to share Christ’s love and His life-saving Gospel message. People all around the world are being encouraged to find a Church and to know Christ as their personal Savior through Christian Kindness.

We can only do this with the prayers and financial gifts from our many partners. Thank you for your past gifts and thank you for considering a special offering this Easter season. With your gift, we will be able to reach out to even more communities. We are currently reaching out to people in more than 74 countries and all 50 states. We are committed to using your dollars wisely. Ninety cents from every dollar is used for our programs and services with only ten cents for overhead and fundraising.

May you feel the real presence of our Lord Jesus this Easter Sunday and every day. May the love of Jesus be reflected into the world through your Christian Kindness. May the Lord bless you today as He has in the past.

P.S. You can double your gift! All gifts of $500 to $5,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Ruud Family Foundation. A one-time gift of $500 or only $41.67 per month qualifies for the matching gift. Double your gift today.

Jim Klein is the Mission Advancement Director Emeritus at Acts 1:8 Ministry®. Jim has over 29 years of experience in the field of financial and estate planning. Jim is ready to help fellow Christians with their financial and estate planning for the benefit of their families and the Lord’s work! Learn more about leaving a Christian legacy.