Don't Worry, God Will Provide

By: Jim Klein

As a young boy, I recall standing next to my Grandfather as he hired a neighbor who owned a larger tractor and plow, to get his fields plowed and ready for the winter months. When he asked the neighbor what the cost would be, I vividly remember that the amount billed was the exact amount left in my Grandfather’s checkbook. As we drove away from the neighbor’s farmstead, I asked Grandpa what he was going to do now that he paid his last dollars for the work. He said to me that the work needed to be done so that he could prepare the fields in the spring for next year’s crops and harvest. He then said something to me that I have never forgotten, “Don’t worry, God will provide.” This was such a simple statement, yet so profound to a young boy like me. The statement spoke volumes and showed me a value system that my Grandfather believed in. This is something I have shared with so many people over the years – a living legacy passed down to me from Grandpa and passed down to others through me.

So many people talk and write about leaving a legacy to their family when they are called to be with Jesus. A person’s legacy is the values they live by and then at death, they pass it on to their loved ones through their final wishes and an estate plan.

What do you remember most about your grandparent, parent or close friend that has gone to heaven? Take a moment a make a short list. Now read that list. How many times did you mention money? It’s been my experience that most people list many fascinating stories or antidotes about their loved one, but hardly one person has said, “Oh, he was so wealthy!”

As I completed my estate plan, I started it with a statement of faith, which is a few simple sentences to comfort my family in the knowledge that I am in heaven because of God’s grace and Jesus’ saving work. I also encourage them to realize that the most important thing is Salvation and heaven. That is what is most important, not money or knick-knacks. After the statement of faith, I want to lead by example, so I leave a percentage of my estate to my church, pastor, teacher training, and Acts 1:8 Ministry. This helps support the values that are important to me while I’m living and also important for me to help secure the future with my estate plan.

What does your legacy contain? For me, it's simple: “Don’t worry, God will provide!”

If you would like help planning your legacy, please don’t hesitate to contact Acts 1:8 Ministry.

Jim Klein is Acts 1:8 Ministry's retired Mission Advancement Director. In Jim's 29+ years of experience in the financial and estate planning field, he helped fellow Christians with their financial and estate planning for the benefit of their families and the Lord’s work! Learn more about leaving a Christian legacy.