Prayer: The Struggle is Real

By: Lydia Jerabek

I was struggling with my faith but during that time I also found a way to grow closer to God. Everyone had their own intimate journey with the Lord, but it has become far too easy to put that relationship on the back burner when work, school, family, kids and more join the equation. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t have the perfect balance, but one thing that put me on the right path was prayer.

Prayer, to me, is the foundation of my relationship with God and the reason I show Him my appreciation for all He does for me. While prayer seems like an easy concept, sometimes it doesn’t end up that way for everyone. I love prayer but somewhere along the line I found it harder to know what to say when there isn’t a voice responding.

If you are having an issue with prayer, there is hope. There may be many reasons you struggle with prayer but it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone is different so there isn’t one uniform way to pray. I have found that silent prayer left me getting off topic and ending with me thinking about the groceries I needed to buy and the project I wasn’t able to finish at work. Honestly, when it came to my prayers, the struggle was REAL.

I felt guilty and prayer out of guilt isn’t what your relationship with God needs.

Eventually, I almost stopped praying all together.  My prayer time had dwindled so low to almost non-existent. I felt guilty and prayer out of guilt isn’t what your relationship with God needs. With the advice of some friends on a church retreat I started writing down my prayers to God. I’ll be honest it seemed a little odd at first. I mean who writes to God? As time passed, I found that written prayer was exactly what I needed. When I start writing I stay on topic and I express myself and my gratitude authentically.

I know written prayer may not be something you have ever considered but it could be just the change needed to get on track. Before my church retreat I had never even considered written prayer or even thought of it as an option. After starting, I don’t know how I went so long without writing. I love to write and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it in the first place. Writing made it feel like I was having a physical conversation with the one I love the most in my life.

I know there is someone reading this that hates writing, but trust me this isn’t like writing a paper for school or a document for work. If you’re reading this, I also know you love God. Expressing love isn’t always easy but why not give this a chance. What have you got to lose? Just start by writing your blessings down and go from there. This isn’t a test and you shouldn’t be worried about doing it “wrong”. There is no right or wrong way share your love for God with Him! If you are struggling as much as I was, or even if you are just in a rut, mix it up and express your love in a new way.

Loving God and showing my appreciation is extremely important to me. Prayer used to hold me back and added to my disconnection. Every issue won’t come with a magical fix but your relationship with God is worth giving it your all. I love to pray and I hope that everyone experiences that same love whether in silent reflection, written word or even singing for the entire world to hear.

Lydia Jerabek is currently living in Madison, Wisconsin working as the Digital Coordinator for C. Blohm and Associates. She supports clients in the Education Industry.  Lydia has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.