The Greatest Carpenter Ever

By: Lee Larsen

Today my church sign calendar today says, "Jesus built us a bridge with two boards and three nails". What an awesome image that creates in our minds. The bridge He built will last forever - now that's an amazing promise!

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
— Romans 6:23

If we place our complete trust in Jesus' bridge, our toll charge has already been paid! For those of us who are already on this bridge, we need to give thanks to the builder because the foundation is unmovable and the structure is indestructible. No load is too heavy for this bridge, so it is a total waste if we don't keep the traffic full and steady on it.


We need to invite others that are traveling the pot-hole riddled and dimly lit sides streets onto this beautiful bridge. The more people that travel this bridge, the happier the builder is!

Lee Larsen is the Ministry Coordinator at Acts 1:8 Ministry®. Lee's strongest and most personal blessing comes from the many “God Moments” that are created through Acts 1:8 Ministry's Christian Kindness outreach; a vivid reminder that our Lord and Savior is right beside us. Learn more about Christian Kindness.